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I feel like I should contribute somehow since I attended the latest Sikboy/D Sharp event. I really am no good at writing reviews for shows and all that, so instead I decided to surf around a bit to see what I could find on the show:


^~~ L.A. Galaxy's home page in which SikBoy (along with some of the other performers we saw) is currently featured on their listening room page! Since the performance has already come and gone, I'm not sure how long they're going to keep this up. So look while you can!


^~~ I have no idea what this says, but it's something to do with the show. Maybe someone can translate?


^~~ This looks to be the same announcement, but on a different site. ^^; Again, maybe someone can translate?


^~~ ...translator? XD

Sorry kids, that's all I could find. I'm hoping that more will pop up in a couple of days. For future reference (and for the sake of being totally random), when doing a search for Sikboy, you will come across a lot of chem/bio sites...and wrestling sites for some reason. >>;


I did some googling for Sikboy, just to see if Korea Times or anything had written anything about last night's perf at Galaxy. No such luck, but I did find something else! A song called "Sweet Thang", by Sikboy and Unik 1 ft. Clasik Flow and mixed by Jay P.

Listen here. (I'm going to see about getting someone to rip it for me later. :> It's pretty~ Very feel good and smooth.)

lyrics under hereCollapse )

credit lyrics: rhythmer.net

^-^ *grooves* What I really want is that song Sikboy did with SooJin, though.


[fan report]

at galaxyCollapse )

the pre-game showCollapse )

half time showCollapse )

after the gameCollapse )

Still. :] We got a lot more than we had been expecting. Great seats, a great game (the soccer game was really intense in the second half!), a chance to meet and chat with Sikboy... And yeah. ^_^ I was very pleased. And really encourage everyone to look into other D Sharp performers. The ones at the show were really good!

c&p'd from my lj~ :3 which just includes boring stuff about how we spent the day before getting to Galaxy

Erin - inuchan
Hamu - domestik_fucker


[myspace & music & pictures]

8D Hopefully you guys aren't sick of my spam yet. But! If you check out sikboy's myspace, he's got up a new layout and even a song. (Idk if he did it himself or if it was his manager, though xD keke.) :] It's a good song! The strings make me melt. If anyone can explain to me how to download, that would be great! ^^

Well, while I'm stalking, here are some of his myspace replies to his friends. 8D

to *Ms.Marie*
Jun 13 2008 12:48 PM
hi NUNA~~ :)

to MixMasta
Jun 13 2008 1:05 PM
Welcome to myspace SA JANG NIM lol!

to Neul
Jun 14 2008 11:05 AM
NEUL 4 shizzle~!! :)

^~^ Cute, right?

I've been checking out the other artists' pages from D Sharp, too, and a lot of it sounds really good! :D

Oh! The following is what looks like pictures from his promo photoshoot that he talked about a while back. Now we know who took the shots - Sean Tyler. :D (myspace page)

pictures of sikboyCollapse )

Only three, but he looks good, right? ^^


D Sharp Ent Myspace Page

Sikboy Myspace Page

^^ He says he hasn't quite figured out how to use it yet, but it's good to know it's there, right? :]

As for the show next weekend, it is...

Saturday, June 21
6:00 PM
Galaxy Home Depot Center

It's both the pre-game and half-time show during a soccer game. LA Galaxy v Columbus Crew. xD Anyone in the area should come? I, for one, am excited.



Update on the concert... It's actually not at the Galaxy Concert Theatre, but L.A Galaxy's Home Depot Center. Ticket prices are $25, $36, and $42 -- not that bad. :] I encourage you to go if you can!



I'm going to start posting Sikboy's cy entries here, and maybe getting my former roommate to translate some things if/when I can get ahold of him. ^^; Anyone else proficient in the Korean language is free to get a start on things if they want, though!

2008.06.03 from the Photo tab

original HangulCollapse )

I wonder what the picture means. x-x;;



Too many updates? 8D Oops.

But Unik 1 (I guess I was misspelling his name, too!) has left D. Sharp Ent. According to Sikboy, it's because he wants to continue with underground hiphop. They're still on good terms, though, just won't be working together anymore.

:] For now, I say any and all information on him may still be shared... ^^; Not that much has been shared. *dies* I'm still trying to find his cy!


[pictures & news & video]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Pictures of Sikboy, from the photoshoot. Taken recently? Updated just today on his cy. :< Don't see anything of Unique One...

Also, the concert with Lyricks is going to be June 21, at Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana, CA if I'm not mistaken. :]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

That's Lyricks, the headliner for the show, I believe. I went googling and turned up with this video, which features Manifest and Lyricks. I have no clue if it's the same Lyricks yet, though. But apparently they both do a lot of Christian rap/hip-hop. :]


Sikboy says that he has a concert with Lyricks on June 21st, so he's going to be pretty busy. :] But recently he and Unique One have had a photoshoot. Hopefully he'll send me those pictures later. ^^