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:) I was youtubing and found other fancams from Sikboy's and Unique One's Radio Seoul performance at KMF last year. These are much longer than the footage Hamu managed to capture, so you get to see more of their charm on the stage. ^^

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[pictures & cyworld]

Separate post for pictures from his cy~ I'm actually not sure who the first picture is of... it doesn't look like him, right? There are a couple others that I'm unsure about, too.

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[music & myspace & lyrics]

Hey, guys. Long time no update. :( I'm not really sure what's going on with Sikboy or D Sharp, but I checked his page today and there was a new song. At least... relatively new. xD; You should all go check it out - it's titled as clasik vs sikboy so I guess they're having a mini rap battle? :) It's nice.


Oh I visited his cy. He's got one new song up there. I can only post the lyrics right now...

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[news & music & myspace]

^^ Hi, everyone. Sorry, no updates in a while, but I had no news!

:] Sikboy's updated his myspace with a new song, though - a collab with Clasikflow called Punchline. Check it out here. It's got a nice beat.

I had wanted to talk about a possible D Sharp concert sometime this November, but I have no real dates, so I'm sorry I can't say much. It should be down in the LA area, though, if they're still going through with it. :} Will update with more info as it comes along!


[music & myspace & lyrics]

New song up at Sikboy's myspace - That Respect ft. Unik 1. ^^ It's nice, as usual. I like it.

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[cyworld & profile]

Taken from his cy. :D/ I thought that was pretty awesome.

Translation of the line before our comm link...

Well I actually have no idea what the first word is, but the rest is basically "first fan community." ^-^ Yey we're the first.

The last line basically says "I'm a proud Korean."

ROFL All of D Sharp seems to really like DOTA. 8D

[pictures & myspace]

Sikboy's updated his myspace with pictures of performances, including the more recent one at Galaxy.

You can find them here. I'm a bit lazy... If you can't see them (maybe they're locked? idk) then I'll upload when I get home tonight.

In any case, he also included the pictures that were posted at this comm. xD ROFL.

There's also a cute folder with pictures of him and his girlfriend, JiSun. You can find that here. They're kind of ridiculously adorable.


Lyrics to go with the music.

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... hard gay and unik 1's mixtape... I'm so forcing my roommate to translate this. 8D

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He updated with this on his cy, too.

Randomly, Sikboy's also got a new manager. I'm not entirely sure why, but will look into it. :] He seems nice!


[music & myspace]

Sikboy has updated his myspace with 3 new songs. Actually, one I've already posted (Sweet Thang) but there's also Thunder Song wit Clasik and Lesson Sample wit Clasik. ^^; I'm guess these are all Clasik Flo collabs.

Actually these sound a lot more like experimental mixing. Sweet Thang is the only one that sounds really complete to me.

Clasik has also uploaded these same songs to *his* myspace.

:] So cute. Aha, *bops around*.


[pictures & music & myspace]

Sikboy's updated his myspace with some new pictures. And is trying to get up a new song, too, so check that out in a bit if you can. Here are the pictures, though, if you don't want to visit myspace.

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